Thursday, December 15, 2011


I have just finished my last final! It was all essays, none of that easy multiple choice/true false stuff. Did I mention I'm fairly confident I got 100% on it? Yeah. Awesome. Now, what to do with all my free time? Reading reading reading! I'm looking forward to Matched by Ally Condie, The Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell, and for the 4th time, Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins, my all time favorite book that I never get sick of and am anxiously awaiting the movie in March (my sister and I are proudly going to the midnight showing, maybe we'll be one of those geeky people that dress up... okay just kidding). If you haven't read it, do. It's incredible. I commonly hear it being compared to Twilight, and I must say frankly, that is currently my biggest pet peeve. People don't know what they are talking about. Twilight doesn't hold a candle to these books. And if the movie turns into another teenage-girl-craze of "Team Gale" and "Team Peeta" I just might die. Nothing would bother me more...
I may or may not have this trailer memorized. So excited.

Anyways, back to my topic... school. I just finished finals and I am taking a step back to realize that I am unbelievably excited that I will be graduating in a year! December of 2012, a semester earlier than I am scheduled to graduate. Woo! It's going to be one heck of a busy year, but I have the best major ever: Public Health-Epidemiology. Why do you ask? Because it is fascinating-classes are never boring, applicable to not just my future career but my life- signs of diseases & other health related problems... seriously I could list the things it teaches me all day. It's teaching me how to keep Sean & my future kids healthy, and nothing is more important to me than a healthy husband & kids. It also challenges me intellectually, my classes are hard! Lots and lots of statistics/math, memorization, getting down to the nitty gritty details of each type of cancer, etc. In spite of this, it's do-able. Definitely not even close to the hardest major at BYU, but I still feel like I'm being challenged. Another reason my major rocks, there is an extremely high demand for epidemiologists and it's only going to get higher, it hopefully won't be too hard finding a job! Now, I am considering getting a masters in epidemiology. There are a lot of pro's and con's, but it's definitely a possibility. I never thought I'd want to do more school, but it's coming to the time when a Bachelor's degree isn't worth what it used to be. Do I want to delay having kids? I've wanted a baby since we got married (actually, let's face it, I've been baby hungry since high school). But Sean & I agreed to wait 3-5 years. (I say 3, Sean says 5. It will probably be 3, haha). I have time to get a Master Degree. But (this is terrible to say) is it a waste of time and tuition money if I won't be the money maker of the family? No education is a waste of time, but I need to be practical here. Thoughts?

Random side note: I'm doing the 12 Days of Christmas for Sean. I started last night, and I am sooo excited for the next 11 days! Probably more excited than him... I've been doing a lot of creative thinking and I have found 12 extremely cute ideas for each 12 days. Maybe I will post about it when it's over.

Well, enough of my ramblings about school, Hunger Games, and Christmas. I'm off to enjoy my break and start my first book!


  1. Melissa!! Nothing makes me more happy than to hear you love your job and your major. Oh, and your husband. :) LOVE THIS! Congrats on being done. Love you two.

  2. So glad you love your job and major!! Nothing better in the world than finding something you love and will always love to do in life!
    I love reading your blog, Melissa!! You are amazing!! :)