Monday, February 20, 2012

Six Months & Love Day

About two weeks ago Sean and I had our six month anniversary. I think this has been the easiest six months of my life. This may sound like a contradiction... I definitely wouldn't say that marriage is easy-breezy, but at the same time it has been so natural for us. We've had to adjust and compromise for each other, but we both feel like marriage (when done correctly) is simple. We fit perfectly together. I'm so glad I married the right man. We decided we wouldn't celebrate every month anniversary, that would be crazy, so for our six month anniversary we did what we do best. Ate a yummy dinner and relaxed on the couch to fun movies and TV shows. That is my kind of anniversary.

Valentines Day (Love Day) is my favorite holiday. Why does everyone hate it so much? I'm constantly hearing so much negative about Valentine's Day and it makes me really sad. I know what your thinking, "Of course she loves it, she's a newlywed." Well, I have loved this holiday my entire life. If you would have asked me years ago what my favorite holiday was, I'd say Valentine's Day. Even when I was little, I loved this day. Growing up, it was quite a holiday in my household. My parents made it a second Christmas (ok... maybe not that big, but to us kids we always felt like it was). My mom had an annual tradition to put on a big treasure hunt all over our house, and at the end we'd each have a pile of candy, toys, and stuffed animals. It always was a such fun day. My family sees it as a celebration of not just romantic love, but of love in general. Who doesn't like to celebrate love? I just don't understand people that hate Valentine's Day. Why not make it a happy day and celebrate those in your life that you love?
This is also a really special time of year for me because about one year ago is when I knew I was going to marry Sean. I had been praying for months to know if he was the man I should marry. It was the Friday before Valentine's Day 2011 and it hit me like a ton of bricks. I was alone in my car driving home from being with him, and it just smacked me in the face. Sean made me happier than anyone or anything ever had in my entire life. It's simple, but if you've ever truly felt that way, it's huge. Other guys made me happy, but not the way he did. He showed me true happiness, and since that day, I haven't had a single doubt in my mind that he is the man for me. (I think it's important to say that this isn't the only reason I knew Sean was right for me. Everything was right. Literally, everything. But, realizing he made me happier than I have ever been was just the biggest reason I knew I could marry him. It was the turning point. Make sense?)
This Valentine's Day was wonderful. I got to spend it with the man who will be my Valentine forever. He took me to dinner and a movie. While everyone went and saw the Vow (typical) we went and saw This Means War. I really enjoyed it. It was less chick flick-y than I thought it would be-we were laughing through the entire thing. It was a perfect Valentine's Day!

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