Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Now I'm Legal

Finally I'm 21 and allowed to drink. Ha, kidding. But seriously, now I don't have to be the one to hold Sean and his friends back from going to concerts or eating dinner at a bar. 
It used to go like this...
"Where should we eat tonight?"
"We could go to the Bayou."
"Melissa isn't 21."
I ruined all the fun and was teased about being little.
Well that isn't happening anymore. This girl is legal now.

I have to blog about my perfect birthday. I used to get unbelievably excited about my birthday. I could easily be compared to Lily in How I Met Your Mother-you can see what I'm talking about here. This year, I wasn't as excited. Maybe it's because I'm getting old. Or maybe it's because now that I'm happily married, everyday feels like my birthday. I personally think it's the latter. Either way, it was a perfect day.

Last weekend, Sean and I celebrated by having a movie marathon. We usually don't see too many movies in theaters, but there were three we were dying to see. Thursday, Friday and Saturday we saw these movies.
 We loved Avengers. The Hulk is freakin awesome. And I just love Robert Downey Jr. "What is this, Shakespeare in the Park? Doth Mother know you weareth the drapes?" 

Going into it, we thought this movie would be a little more funny and a little less dark. Sean loved it, but it just creeped me out. I should have known-Tim Burton and Johnny Depp are weird.

We really enjoyed this movie. It was pretty hilarious, although it provided a small form of birth control for us. 

Monday we had a big family dinner at Olive Garden with my family and Sean's. It was so great to be with both my families.

On my actual birthday, I woke up to breakfast in bed. Sean seriously spoiled me all day. I also got to go to his class and administer a survey for some research I am doing. I learned that my husband is a teacher's pet. He's one of those smart students who does all their homework perfectly, that all the other students are jealous of and all the professors love. The exact opposite of me... Whatever. I'm lucky I married one of those rare "hot nerds." 

That evening I came home to beautiful flowers and presents. The best presents were my shiny new laptop and my garden. Sean and I have always said that we want to have our own garden when we're old. Being able to grow our own food is one of the coolest things I can imagine. Well, Sean got me started! He got me a "mini garden" to put on our back porch. I'm so excited to start growing our own tomatoes, onions, jalapenos, garlic, and more. It really was the greatest gift ever. For dinner, Sean took me to Los Hermanos (they give you free fried ice cream on your birthday).

 Then we went to the place where we got engaged one year earlier. It was so fun to celebrate my birthday, and also our engagement. I still think it was the most perfect proposal.

 I also got to go to my best friend's bridal shower, it was so fun to spend time with her and other good friends. I can't wait for her wedding in a couple weeks.

Apparently, it was Sean's birthday too. All day, I would tease Sean by asking him to do EVERYTHING for me and I'd say "It's my birthday." As the evening wore on, he got creative and said "Now that we're married, we share everything, so it's my birthday too." Touche.

I really, truly had the most perfect birthday ever. And it's not over yet! I have a girls night with my sister tomorrow, and lot's of free dinners. About a month ago, I signed up for every free birthday dinner I could get. So we now have free dinners to Red Robin, Tucanos, Benihina, and more. I'm so blessed to have the most perfect husband, family, and friends. 
I'm finally 21!


  1. You guys are super cute! I just turned 21 too and finally the teasing is over! Isn't it grand? What a sweet relationship you two have:)

  2. Happy late birthday!!! You changed your blog a little bit and it is soooo cute!!! How did you do it? You are so adorable and I'm so glad you have someone like Sean in your life :) Remember when You, Me, Syd, and Linds all went Ice skating on our double date? I love thinking about the memories we had. You're gorgeous!!!!

    1. Thanks Kristie! It took me a long time on photoshop to change it, but I'm so glad you like it! Congrats on getting married. You looked beautiful!

  3. Happy belated birthday! Husband and I loved Avengers too! And What to Expect When you are Expecting was a great chick flick! I would see both again!


  4. Happy 21st (: That is funny. I always felt that way in high school and such because I was always the late one to turn 16, the late one to turn 18 and become legal, just silly teasing like that. I completely agree. Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog. I'm stoked to follow you as well!

    ♥ xoxo.
    Amanda at: we & serendipity