Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Mexico Cruise

The first week of May, Sean and I went on an incredible vacation to Mexico with my family! I'm just now finding time to blog about it.

We drove to LA with my sister, brother in law, and perfect little niece. The girls sat in the back talking and watching movies while the boys drove and drank their rockstars.

We checked in, boarded the ship and started our vacation.

My brother is weird. We love him, but he's weird.

Our first day, Monday, was a "Fun Day At Sea." My sister and I laughed about how they call it a fun day, do they think we're 5? But I guess they're right, it is fun. You sleep in, eat as much food as humanly possible,  go to comedy shows, and lay in the sun.

That night at dinner, it was formal night. We don't dress quite as "formal" as others. Our formal night is more like "church clothes" night.

Sean won't smile for the camera.

So I kept trying.

And finally got a smile.

Cute brothers

The dinners are amazing. You get a three course meal, and the menu is different every night. Not to mention, you can order as much and as many dishes as you like! Cruising is the way to travel, take my word for it.

I love this picture. When Sean laughs his eyes squint up and it's the most adorable thing ever.

My family is known for ugly pictures, and Sean fits in well.

We went to a comedy show almost every night.

I make him take pictures even when he doesn't want to (which is always).

Again, my weird brother. We love him for who he is.

Cabo San Lucas was our first stop.

We bought lunch at this random little place. Good thing Sean and Chad speak Spanish.

We took a little glass bottom boat out to Lover's Beach.

On the way there, this little guy stopped by (not so little).
He came right up to our boat

and Chi fed him a fish.

After the Sea Lion left, Leila wanted him to come back. She kept clapping her hands together saying "Come here boy! Come here boy!" So cute.

The famous Los Arcos

When we got to Lover's Beach, this guy was chillin there with mini iguanas.

Without even asking, he put them all over Sean.

Lover's Beach is at the very tip of Mexico's Baja Peninsula facing the Sea of Cortez. If you walk like 100 yards, you'll be on Divorce Beach that faces the Pacific Ocean.

While we were walking to Divorce Beach, Sean's sensitive little feet got too hot, so we had to take a break.

Divorce Beach. Maybe we shouldn't have taken a picture here...

The waves were HUGE on the Pacific Ocean side; our tour guide kept saying we would be "loco" to go in water. Well, my husband and brothers decided to test it out anyways.

My buff man

Then this happened...

Leila loves the sand and the ocean.

Cave exploring

Daniel climbed everything he could get his hands on

You can tell when I post my pictures and when I post my sister's. Her's are such better quality.

We climbed through this little hole in the rocks and found a beautiful, completely empty beach.

Leila and James buried Chi.

Then Leila wanted a turn.

We were shocked she laid there so calmly.

I just love this girl. She is too cute for her own good.

My siblings that I love

Our waitress Windi. She was from the Philippines.

The next day, Wednesday, we were in Cabo still, and every one did their own thing. My dad and brother's went fishing and caught a 7 foot Marlon. Cindy and Chi swam with dolphins. Jen, Chad and Leila relaxed in the sun. So Sean and I explored the city.

Please pardon the inappropriateness. It was just too funny.

These weird skeleton ladies were everywhere.

Sean wanted to blend in with the Mexicans so we don't look like tourists and get ourselves killed. I guess I didn't help much since I was waving my bright pink camera everywhere making Sean get in pictures.

We walked around the city, browsed the flea markets, and had ice cream.
It was a great day.

Our ship, carnival splendor.

Eating shark. I hate sharks, they terrify me, so everyone said I had to "conquer" them by eating them.

The animal in our room one day looked like a devil. Chad said it was a bunny, but I'm pretty sure bunnies don't have horns.

The next day, we were in Puerto Vallarta. My dad, Jen, and Leila took a boat to a beautiful beach and held monkeys and pythons.

The rest of us went on a canopy adventure.

We had a 45 minute speed boat ride

Then we took a bumpy ride through Mexico.

Poor Chad got the worst seat.

Gearing up

They made me put my camera away after that. But we had a professional photographer follow us around.
(Those pictures are at the end of this post.)

Puerto Vallarta is beautiful. It was our favorite.

The last two days were "Fun Days at Sea" while we sailed back to LA.

Our second formal night.


This might be the cutest picture I've seen in my life. Ever.

The whole fam

What a cute man

I had this dessert every single night. It truly was the greatest thing I've ever tasted in my life.

They sang happy birthday to Daniel and I

We played a lot of ping pong.

and mini golf

and relaxed.

We basked in the sun, went to shows, and ate. All. day. long.

Canopy adventure pictures:

While we were riding the mules, Sean was behind me, and he tried passing me. Well my mule wasn't going to let that happen, he bit Sean's mule in the neck, then kicked Sean in the leg. It was hilarious.

Our first zip line

The second zip line

We did this thing they called half zip line/half repel, but I honestly felt like I was just free falling 30 feet. No pictures, sorry.

Then came the 100 foot waterfall repel.

I think Chad might be feeling an adrenaline rush here.

Our group

The entire group

This zipline went into ice cold water.

We did a bunch of hiking, walking on a tight rope, and other stuff. Then came the worst part: free falling 100 feet. I almost died. They put you over the edge and you just... fall.

Then when you get this close to the water, they stop you, and you think you don't have to get in.

But you do.

He stopped me here and said, "Now you see her...

...Now you don't."

Daniel fell so fast, he pulled the guy into the water.

Our tour guide was the coolest guy ever.

There were a few more zip lines and other things. On the last zip line, we raced.

Talmage beat Chi

I beat Sean. He was ahead of me the whole time, but I didn't break at the end. I was the first one on the platform-so naturally, I won.
(We still fight about this)

Daniel beat James, by a lot, ha.

And I have no clue who won here.

It was the greatest vacation. We really needed it.
Sean and I are already planning (dreaming about) our next cruise. Hopefully we'll go in January to celebrate Sean's birthday and my graduation!

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