Thursday, January 19, 2012

Birthday Boy

We have had a lot going on this past week. Yesterday was Sean's birthday, so we have been doing a lot of fun things to celebrate. It started with Sean calling me up randomly on his day off saying "What if I bought an iPhone?" We talked about it a little and decided it would probably be okay, and could be a birthday present. Next thing I know, he's calling me from his new iPhone. He got the 4s, which means he has Siri. We like to call Siri his 2nd wife, haha. He sure loves her. Sean will tease me that I can't set appointments for him, or alarms, or give him directions, or do math problems as quickly as she can. But she can't cook or clean for him like I do, so we agree I'm a better wife. Last Wednesday, my dad took my family out to dinner at Texas Roadhouse for my sister and Sean's birthday (their birthday's are a few days apart). Jen lucked out, Sean was forced to ride the saddle this time.

Last Friday, Sean's awesome brother in law, Karl, and I planned a little surprise birthday party for him at Boondocks. Unfortunately, I don't have any pictures but we had a good time. The next day, we woke up early and drove to San Diego! Such a long drive...

I love palm trees.

When we got to California, we walked along the beach for a mile and a half to eat at a fancy restaurant called The Green Flash. On the walk there, we kept smelling marijuana, haha, and we couldn't figure out how no matter how far we walked, we kept smelling it. After about a mile, we realized it was the guys walking right in front of us. Oh boy. Sean and I joked that we could have gotten a contact high, but we both got real hungry... maybe we did. Just kidding, we probably didn't. 

Eating dinner on the beach!

The next morning we went to Sea World. My favorite place in the world! I was so excited to go with Sean. They had a deal that day, where season passes cost the same as a day pass, so we got season passes to Sea World! I was so excited.

We went to the awesome dolphin show. Sean was already tired of pictures.

I wanted to be him. Growing up, being a dolphin trainer was my dream job.

We both agreed that the dolphin show was the best one.

Then we went to the sea lion and sea otter show. Pretty cute.

Next, we went and saw Shamu. 

Then, of course, Sean made me go through the shark encounter. If you know me at all, you know I have a phobia of sharks. Not a fear. Phobia.

You may not be able to see my mouth, but you can see the fear in my eyes.

Inside the shark encounter, forcing a smile.

My baby loves sharks. What a pair we are.

Looking at penguins. They were cute, I wanted one.

Polar Bears

Sean liked the big ugly fish.

The Bayside Skyride. Poor kid was so done with pictures. I'm not even posting half the ones I took.

After Sea World, we went to La Jolla cove, one of Sean's favorite places to go while he lived here. I had never been. It was beautiful!

Sea Lions sunbathing.

The guy we asked to take our picture was hilarious.

The next day we went to Old Town. It's a super cool place with tons of stuff to see (still tired of pictures).

Signs like these are just begging for people like Sean to touch.

We headed to Mission Beach afterwards. It was overcast and windy but it was still beautiful.

At this point, he wouldn't smile for the camera, so I managed to get a picture like this out of him. Ugly pictures are more fun anyways.

We drove to downtown San Diego to look around. We saw some really cool ships. 

It was pretty windy. 

Dinner at an incredible Mexican food restaurant.

The next morning was the big drive home. I woke up feeling extremely sick, so the 11 hour drive was miserable. In Vegas we stopped by the Pawn Stars pawn shop (one of our favorite TV shows). It was pretty awesome. I'm retarded, I can't figure out how to rotate this picture. Sorry.

The next day was Seani's birthday! The poor birthday boy's wife was sick, so I couldn't spoil him as much as I wanted to. I managed to make him breakfast and give him his presents. He went to the gym, because nothing makes him happier than spending a couple hours at the gym (he also got to try out his new fat gripz I bought him) and in my sick, drugged state, I lamely attempted to decorate our apartment with birthday decorations. When he got home from the gym, we went with his sister Ashley, brother in law Karl, nephew Trey, and best friend Zach to do indoor surfing. 

Isn't he sooo good?

Lunch at Happy Sumo

That night Ashley and Karl had a fun group over for a little dinner party for Sean. We played games and had yummy chili. I'm so grateful to them for making Sean's birthday special. I was so sick I felt like I couldn't do anything special for him.

This past week has been quite a party. And this Sunday his mom is having us over for another birthday dinner.  Sean and I are so blessed with wonderful friends and family who made his day so special.


  1. He's touching your feet (with his) AND he got you to go to a shark exhibit. YOU FOUND YOUR SOUL MATE. I love this post! Love you!

  2. Sean has a lot of work to do for your birthday, because you make his quite the extravaganza!! Very proud you went into the shark area. Now you just need to take Sean to the museum of needles...and snot wiping.