Friday, January 13, 2012


Growing up, I promised myself I would never marry a man I didn't know through and through. I'd heard horror story after horror story. I didn't want my marriage to be one of those stories and have surprises pop up after the honeymoon. This is why Sean and I dated for over a year before we married, and we knew each other a lot longer than that (Can you believe I met him when I was 18?). I can honestly say with him, there are surprises. But as for any bad surprises, there are none. None. I am so lucky to have a man who treats me perfectly. But I have to say, he does have little things that definitely surprised me, and most of them are so funny I have to write them down so I will never forget the adjustments we have had to make. For one, he's a hoarder. Too harsh of a word? Maybe. He's nothing like those sick people on the TV show Hoarders, but he won't throw anything away. I was going through our closet, trying to organize and get rid of old junk. I didn't throw any of Sean's stuff away, but I made a pile of things for him to go through that I figured he'd probably want to get rid of. He came home and we kept 99% of that pile. Everything had a memory associated with it. I guess it's his own way of keeping a journal? I think that is so cute of him. Other things, he wouldn't throw away because let's face it, he's just plain weird (I love him and his weirdness). He wouldn't throw away arcade tickets from before his mission because "you never know when you might need them".
Another surprise, (I don't know how I missed this while we were dating) he has bat hearing. And I'm quite the opposite. I blast our TV all the time, I think I may have some hearing loss (I blame my brother who, growing up, would blast our surround sound whenever we'd watch a movie; guaranteed our neighbors down the street could hear every movie we watched). Sean, on the other hand, hears the tiniest thing, so when he has the TV remote, I'm always asking "What did she say?" or "Did they say 'this' or 'this'." Then Sean will tease me by putting on the captions like I'm an old, deaf person. Get this: his hearing actually improves while he's asleep. In the middle of the night if I need to get up for something, I hold my breath and tip-toe around, but without fail, every time: "I'm trying to sleep, quit being so loud!" Yeah, this is a dumb one, but it's taken a lot of adjusting for the both of us.
Another big surprise, he can't EVER be late. Whenever we go to any family/friend gathering we are always the first ones there. I used to be the kind of person who was "fashionably late" but that changed when I married Sean. He won't commit to a lot of events because he doesn't like to over schedule himself (even with is own wife. I'll ask him if he wants to go to a movie Tuesday, he always answers 'maybe' because he doesn't like to commit to something then have to break that commitment later if something else comes up). I'm the kind of person who just says yes to everything and finds herself stressed out trying to make it to every event. Sean has changed that about me. He's very organized with his time, and like I said, is never late. He'll tell me what time we're leaving (which is at least half an hour before I would have left if I were going alone) and if I'm not ready at that time, he's forcing me out the door. I gotta say, now that I'm used to it I really like it about him. He thinks it's rude and puts everyone out if someone shows up late. He's such a courteous person and I really love that about him.
Another surprise--he sleep talks. This is my favorite one. It is probably the most hilarious thing in the world. I can have conversations with him in his sleep. One time, I woke up to him saying, “It’s nothing to die for, but its nice to have something to die for.” Another time, he was asleep and I was doing homework. I leaned over him to grab something off his night stand, and my chest slightly rubbed his face and he said, “Mmmm boobies. Big, big-ity boobies.” He'll kill me for posting that, but it's just too funny to not write down. Another night, I woke up to him saying, “It’s like a stroller, just put 'em up there and tie the strings together.” I think he was talking about our nieces and nephew. It's really fun to have conversations with him, because he responds to every question I ask. I can't get too far into a conversation because I always end up laughing so hard, he wakes up while he's talking and becomes confused and delirious. Then he'll say "Don't laugh at me!" and roll over. It's the funniest thing in the world.
This feels like a very unfair post. I know Sean has had to adjust to a whole lot of things I do that are much worse (like the way I get midnight hunger and rummage through the fridge at 3 am making him think someone's in our apartment, or my long showers that steal all the hot water, or my obsession with organization and cleanliness that forces him to put certain things in certain places or his wife will lose it-I blame my job as a secretary, I wasn't like that before). I'd say I'm super blessed to have a man that is exactly how he was while we dated. No surprises (except the good ones).


  1. If it makes you feel better, most guys are hoarders like sean. I still have my prom/homecoming tickets, and all sorts of other weird stuff.

  2. Haha! That's so great! We found out that I naturally end up sleeping in the middle of the bed (which when you share a double bed, leaves like 6 inches for the other person) and he ends up with all the covers...surprise!

  3. Best post ever! "Big boobies." Ha ha. I love it.